Pre-employment Polygraph: Meaning & Advantages

Pre-employment Polygraph: Meaning & Advantages

The pre-employment polygraph is used to detect deception and dishonesty in individuals seeking employment with an organization. In particular, the polygraph checks for those who lied during the application process. Your business could use the services of a polygraph testing company like Lie Inside Truth.
Apart from detecting deception in applicants, a polygraph examination helps you measure the trustworthiness of the people you want to hire.

Why Do Organizations Conduct Pre-employment Polygraph Tests?

How Does a Polygraph Test for Employment Work?

The polygraph machine used in the polygraph test evaluates physical indicators to detect deception in individuals. Polygraph tests work based on the theory that people exhibit certain responses when lying. These “responses” refer to changes in physiological activity like breathing and perspiration. Other indicators measured on the polygraph test include heart rate, skin conductivity, and pulse rate. Before the polygraph test for employment starts, test subjects must fill a questionnaire. Although the questions are often similar to the ones answered during the initial application, they are more comprehensive. Once the individual completes the questionnaire, polygraph testing commences. Our specialist from Lie Inside Truth will connect the applicant to the polygraph machine and ask questions based on the answers given on the questionnaire. During the exam, the specialist notes his impressions about the individual. The specialist combines his impressions with results from the polygraph machine to form an expert opinion of the individual’s honesty.

Polygraph Testing In the Workplace: Is It Necessary?

Due to the cost of polygraph testing, many organizations avoid incorporating this procedure into their operations. However, polygraph testing in the workplace has many advantages. These include:

It increases accuracy of background checks

Applicants aren’t expected to lie on a background check but some do when they have something to hide. This could be a history of poor performance, financial impropriety, or criminal behavior. The polygraph helps employers find out the truth about an individual's background. This means your company doesn't have to deal with a ny surprises in future.

It makes employment screening effective

Employee screening determines those who'll be a good fit for the company. However, individuals may make false statements to bolster their chances of employment. With a pre-employment polygraph, organizations can know who is being truthful about their ability and experience.

It aids investigation in the workplace

Polygraph testing isn't only useful when the company wants to hire people. In fact, there are many situations in the workplace that warrant a polygraph exam. A good example is an investigation into misconduct in the organization. By conducting a polygraph test for employees investigators can discover guilty parties and mete out punishment.

Is a Pre-employment Polygraph Accurate?
Since polygraph tests appeared years ago, they have undergone just a few changes.

As with every technology, polygraph machines have their skeptics. However, the longevity of polygraph testing shows its acceptance as an effective tool for detecting deception. Which is why Lie Inside Truth has experts who review polygraph results before making recommendations.
That being said, a polygraph test can increase the truthfulness in individuals. People are less likely to give false statements if they know a machine can detect their dishonesty.

My employees were lie to me about projects statistic. Every month they were faking reports and I could not check it out. Lie Inside Truth checked every my employee with polygraph test. Turned out half of them were lying. I fired them, and now my company making much more profit, because nobody is stealing. I use them every 6 moth for regular check to my employees. They are professionals and know what they are doing.

Me and my friend have an argument few years ago. He didn't believe me, but I knew my truth. When I heard about this project I decided to prove him my truth. I ordered lie detector test and finally have an documentation that is proving my truth. After session I got folder with all the description of sensors that is proving that I am telling truth. He finally believe me. Thank you so much. Your project restored my friendship.

I needed to check my accountant, because I was not sure that she is telling me truth about documentation. They responded quickly, and in 3 day I already had a lie detector test. Very professional and accurate. They helped me out with question list. We did it in our office, and then I got a full report of all of her answers. Turned out, she is not lying. Now I can continue working with her without any worries. It worth it. Recommend.

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