Why is a Polygraph Test Important?

Why is a Polygraph Test Important?

Dishonesty and deception are two common behaviors that cause problems in human interactions. They erode trust in relationships — romantic, familial, and professional — and affect communication between individuals. Most liars tell lies on purpose, which makes finding the truth difficult. This is why polygraph tests are important in today’s world.
A polygraph exam is a procedure used to detect elements of deceit in an individual’s statements. The polygraph machine assesses the individual’s physiological responses to if someone is lying or telling the truth. Despite continuous opposition to them, polygraph tests continue to be used in different environments to establish truth. This includes interrogation rooms, households, firms, and offices.
Why is a Polygraph Test Important?

How Do You Hold a Polygraph Test?

What Situations Require Use of a Polygraph Test?

Polygraph tests are important in any situation where the truth needs to be established. Here are some situations.

Employee screening

Many companies use polygraph tests to screen individuals before hiring them. Asking prospective employees to take a polygraph exam prevents you from employing untrustworthy individuals. Trust is an important commodity in business. If you don’t have employees that you can trust, the company can never make serious progress. Getting employees to take a professional polygraph exam ensures that they provide accurate information about themselves. If a person lied on his application, the polygraph test indict them.

Family issues

Some family disputes are often the results of continuous deceit and dishonesty. For instance, a partner who keeps lying about his extra-marital affairs will cause problems in the marriage. In another scenario, a son may be hiding the truth of his substance abuse from his parents. This will cause friction in the family and result in arguments that lead nowhere. With the aid of a polygraph test, families can separate lies from truth and fact from fiction. Then they can start on the path towards healing and forgiveness.

Official investigations

Investigations into wrongdoing in office environments can be difficult, especially when workers are dishonest. This is quite common in cases involving financial misconduct, improper conduct, and so on. A polygraph machine leaves employees with no other option but to tell the truth or risk getting caught. Polygraphs can complement the official investigation process by helping investigators sift through statements to arrive at the truth.

Household staff interrogations

If you suspect your household staff of wrongdoing, and they hide truth, a polygraph test is advisable. Say some money was stolen, the exam will show who is lying and who’s telling the truth. Often, arguments may break out among your household staff, with each party claiming the other is lying. Having both parties take a polygraph test will show who’s being truthful and end the dispute. !

How Do You Hold a Polygraph Test?
Since polygraph tests appeared years ago, they have undergone just a few changes.

There are different polygraph services companies and they charge different prices for polygraph exams. While the polygraph test cost can be high, they are worth it. If you opt for a polygraph test at Lie Inside Truth, you have to pay $700 to cover costs of testing and evaluation. This sum covers the following:

  • Session conducted with advanced equipment
  • Generation of accurate results and comprehensive reports
  • After-session recommendations
  • Results analysis by specialist

My employees were lie to me about projects statistic. Every month they were faking reports and I could not check it out. Lie Inside Truth checked every my employee with polygraph test. Turned out half of them were lying. I fired them, and now my company making much more profit, because nobody is stealing. I use them every 6 moth for regular check to my employees. They are professionals and know what they are doing.

Me and my friend have an argument few years ago. He didn't believe me, but I knew my truth. When I heard about this project I decided to prove him my truth. I ordered lie detector test and finally have an documentation that is proving my truth. After session I got folder with all the description of sensors that is proving that I am telling truth. He finally believe me. Thank you so much. Your project restored my friendship.

I needed to check my accountant, because I was not sure that she is telling me truth about documentation. They responded quickly, and in 3 day I already had a lie detector test. Very professional and accurate. They helped me out with question list. We did it in our office, and then I got a full report of all of her answers. Turned out, she is not lying. Now I can continue working with her without any worries. It worth it. Recommend.

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