Do You Need a Lie Detector Test In Your Relationship?

Trust plays an important role in any relationship, especially that between a couple. If partners don’t trust each other, the relationship will collapse eventually. When trust issues surface in relationships, they are usually results of lying by one or both parties. Outright lying, or giving of half-truths erode the trust in a relationship and may precipitate its downfall.

Enter the lie detector test.

The problem is that proving that your partner lied can be difficult, especially if you lack solid evidence. So you have a situation where a person knows the other is lying about certain things but cannot prove it. The lie detector test, also called a polygraph examination, is a procedure used to detect lying. Lie detector tests are a staple of law enforcement agencies, who use it to aid investigations. When used for couples, the lie detector test can prove if an individual is truthful about a specific subject. It could concern their activities, interactions with opposite sex, faithfulness, and many others.

How Does a Lie Detector Test Work

Why Is a Polygraph Examination Necessary?

No one goes into a relationship thinking that they will have to ask their partner to take a polygraph examination. However, different situations can necessitate a lie detector test for a relationship.

Allegations of cheating

But catching a partner red-handed is difficult, especially if he/she is secretive. However, the other partner is certain her spouse is cheating, and continues to hurl accusations, although she cannot prove them.


Secretive gestures include: Hiding text messages;
Using anonymous e-mail addresses;
Saving numbers with fake names;
Deleting chats;
Restricting access to devices, etc.


You might suspect that your partner is engaging in unwholesome activities to satisfy his/her sexual urges. This includes anything from masturbating, sexting, pornography consumption, or even phone sex. Of course, your partner will probably deny the allegations.


Hardly anyone sets out to cheat on their partner; instead, cheating is the culmination of a chain of events. To solve this problem early, you can question the nature of your spouse’s relationship with this “colleague” or “friend”.

False Accusations

Sometimes, you could be on the receiving end of allegations related in a relationship. If you exhaust yourself defending your innocence and your partner refuses to acquiesce, a polygraph examination will help.
The interference of human error on a relationship lie detector test is low. Therefore, it is a good way to prove your truth in a relationship.

My employees were lie to me about projects statistic. Every month they were faking reports and I could not check it out. Lie Inside Truth checked every my employee with polygraph test. Turned out half of them were lying. I fired them, and now my company making much more profit, because nobody is stealing. I use them every 6 moth for regular check to my employees. They are professionals and know what they are doing.

Me and my friend have an argument few years ago. He didn't believe me, but I knew my truth. When I heard about this project I decided to prove him my truth. I ordered lie detector test and finally have an documentation that is proving my truth. After session I got folder with all the description of sensors that is proving that I am telling truth. He finally believe me. Thank you so much. Your project restored my friendship.

I needed to check my accountant, because I was not sure that she is telling me truth about documentation. They responded quickly, and in 3 day I already had a lie detector test. Very professional and accurate. They helped me out with question list. We did it in our office, and then I got a full report of all of her answers. Turned out, she is not lying. Now I can continue working with her without any worries. It worth it. Recommend.

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