Lie detector test

Do you

Want to trust your loved one 100%? Feel like your kids are hiding something? Have a concerns about your "friends"? Need the truth out of someone? Have doubts about your business partner? Need to clear your name? Or something else?

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What is a lie detector test?

This is a complex and high-tech device, which detects a variety of physiological parameters: heart rate and breathing, blood pressure, galvanic skin response, and so on. The testing procedure is absolutely painless.

Lie detector sensors are connected to the human body parts, passing the test. The resulting data is sent to a computer, which draws several graphs. They help experts to compile their opinion about people and situations.

We control everything

Sensor Accuracy

Galvanic skin response sensor Blood volume sensor /Puls Temperature sensor Abdominal and chest breathing sensor

You'll get

We can help with

Solving family issues

Late night meetings?
Smell of unfamiliar perfume?
Did you notice that your partner is hiding the phone?
Are all those suspicions driving you crazy?


Do you think your friend
cheated on you?
Did you face any accident that you can't prove your truth?
Do you just need to be sure than your housekeeper is not stealing from you?


Are you planning to start new business and want to be sure
about your partner?
Is your accountant hiding something?
Did you face difficult situation where you can't find the truth?


Meeting with friends got boring?
What do you think your friends
can hide?
Are you ready to expose all lies in your circle of friends?
Brave enough? Let's play!

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We promise to provide

- Stronger than ever family relationship
- Business relationships with confidence
- Proof of your innocence
- Calm sleep at night
- Absolute trust to your close circle
- Escape from possible mistakes
- Answers
- Truth

My employees were lie to me about projects statistic. Every month they were faking reports and I could not check it out. Lie Inside Truth checked every my employee with polygraph test. Turned out half of them were lying. I fired them, and now my company making much more profit, because nobody is stealing. I use them every 6 moth for regular check to my employees. They are professionals and know what they are doing.

Me and my friend have an argument few years ago. He didn't believe me, but I knew my truth. When I heard about this project I decided to prove him my truth. I ordered lie detector test and finally have an documentation that is proving my truth. After session I got folder with all the description of sensors that is proving that I am telling truth. He finally believe me. Thank you so much. Your project restored my friendship.

I needed to check my accountant, because I was not sure that she is telling me truth about documentation. They responded quickly, and in 3 day I already had a lie detector test. Very professional and accurate. They helped me out with question list. We did it in our office, and then I got a full report of all of her answers. Turned out, she is not lying. Now I can continue working with her without any worries. It worth it. Recommend.

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